Getting Unstuck



Michelle Kirsch

This is BIG for me at the moment. The ground beneath my feet feels unstable, there's change afoot and my family and I are in the process of making some MAJOR life decisions. I'm confused, I'm afraid of making the wrong decision and as a result I FEEL STUCK.

Enter a familiar inner voice..."PAINT... PAINT FEELING STUCK."

After a frenzy of colour and movement, mirroring my frustrations with feeling stuck, this image (below) emerged. I didn't consciously intend to paint a bird/insect. I simply listened within and released the tension in my body through paint, and it came.

I allowed myself to spontaneously dialogue with the image afterwards. These words came swiftly, without any prior thought. Initially I wrote in third person ("Her wings can't fly'), yet after rereading it occurred to me to write it in first person. The insights resonate deeply, uncannily relating to my current predicament.

"My wings can't fly.
This saddens me to tears.
I have a beacon of light on my head,
always seeking,
keeping an eye out for what's coming.
I feel burdened by so many legs
all moving in different directions,
not knowing which way to go.
I am pregnant with possibilities.
Another bird is waiting to be birthed.
Her wings outspread,
she has a clear direction.
Her proboscis seeks the nectar of life.
The mother bird's head is weighed down by her seeking."

My 11year old daughter had been staring at the painting for a short while. I shared my insight with her. She very patiently waited for me to complete before offering her feedback.

"Perhaps the light on the bird's head is a spotlight, pinpointing EXACTLY where you need to go."

And with that, she left the studio.
Where are you feeling stuck in your life? What happens when you let go of needing to know the outcome?...