intuitive painting

Intuitive painting is an opportunity to explore the inner self through the creative process in a safe, judgment-free environment. It is not a painting technique or method. The main premise of intuitive painting is to tune in to your own unique creative process whilst releasing attachment to meaning, control, expertise or final product. This approach to painting is focused on mindfulness, creative permission and the act of spontaneous expression. THERE IS NO PRIOR PAINTING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.



Intuitive painter
Creative catalyst
Permission granter
Sacred space holder
Compassionate guide
Renegade artist

PERMESSO collective

I am co-founder of PERMESSO collective with my dear friend, Gisela Boetker. PERMESSO is the Italian word for permission. Our primary intention is audience immersion, engaging community in creative expression. PERMESSO collective inspires creative curiosity through intuition and process-based painting in public spaces.